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A library by Jesse Kriss for the programming environment processing. Last update, 01/03/2009.

Monomic is a Processing library for the monome 40h.

The 40h is a usb serial device, but it also comes with an OSC driver. Monomic builds on Processing's Serial library and Andreas Sojamo's oscP5 library, and, as a result, can use either protocol.

Monomic provides straightforward functions for receiving 40h button events and turning the leds on and off, as well as advanced functions like setting led intensity and going in and out of low power mode.

If you have any problems, please report them here.


Download monomic version 004 in zip format.


Unzip and put the extracted monomic folder into the libraries folder of your processing sketches. Reference and examples are included in the monomic folder.

Keywords monome, physical controller

Reference Have a look at the javadoc reference here. a copy of the reference is included in the .zip as well.

Source The source code of monomic is available at github, and its repository can be browsed here.

License MIT


Find a list of examples in the current distribution of monomic, or have a look at them by following the links below.


Platform Mac
Processing ?
Dependencies oscP5